Ordering and Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Process

Ordering a custom cake can be a little scary and slightly difficult to some because you cannot just look at the cake you would like and have a set price. 


Custom cakes cannot have set prices because they are customized to your needs.  Unlike your local grocery store, we cannot offer a set price because our cakes come in different sizes and shapes, where as your grocery store has standard sizes and can only do the the cakes in their brochure. 

Since I have worked both sides of the industry as an assistant in a grocery store, to now having my own business I can tell you it is not the same expierence or the same procedures.

Before filling out the order form, browse the website.  A lot of common questions are located under the FAQs, Prices can be found under the Price tab.  We may not have set prices for a cake but we have set prices for the type of cake based on the amount of servings and a chart to let you know what size cake you may need.

When requesting a quote for a cake you should always provide the following information to receive a fast and accurate quote.

  • Complete the Price Quote Form - To recieve a quote, you must complete the price quote form. The form eliminates a lot of back and forth questions and gets your a quote faster.   If you prefer to email please make sure you include everything on the form.  Texting is not an acceptable way to contact us and you we will ask you to complete the form.   The business number is not a cell phone, therefore it sends the text as an email and it mixed up if the text is longer than 140 characters.  Please do not text your questions or orders.  Please do not send orders through Facebook or Instagram . Please no third party orders.  Allow up to 48 hours for a response.. 

  • Date of the Event - Eventhough you are asking for a quote, it is very important to include a date for your quote.  We might be booked and would like to let you know that right away to give you time to shop around.

  • Number of servings - A lot of customers send photos of cakes they are interested in when requesting a price.  Again, your cake is custom so there are two things to remember; (1) the cake you send DOES NOT have to look exactly like the cake in the photo.  You can change it however you would like it.  You can change the colors and other items on the cake.  It does not have to be exactly like the picture.  (2) A picture does not give you the size of a cake.  A picture can be taken of a 6 inch cake, which is very small but the way the picture is taken can make it look bigger.  Cake pans comes in different sizes, so the number of servings is important.

  • Price Range - Asking for the price range helps decide what type of cake is best for you.   Pictures are sent and people are usally stunned by the price.  Some cakes may be out of your price range but there are alternatives so it is important to include the price range you would like to remain in.

  • Details - Details regarding your cake is crucial.  Be as detailed as possible.  Include colors, ages, names, anything to describe the  cake you want.   If you have pictures send them to sweetteecakes99@gmail.com, if you need a sketch please provide lots of detail. Providing a very detail description gets your quote and order completed quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

Prices cannot be set on custom cakes. There maybe a cake on the website that you are interested but you want it to feed 15 people and cake pictured feeds 40.  That is a different size cake therefore the price will be different.  Other factors that need to be considered are fillings and flavors which are extra.  A base price for cakes is under each tab.  For instance: Wedding Cakes start at $6 per serving.   If the cake is for 30 servings the base price will be $180.  That price is an estimate of what your cake may cost.  If you are getting fillings and intricate details the price will be different.  Having a base price gives you an estimate of what the price of your cake will be.  The prices will not vary much from the base price.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, a 50% non refundable deposit is due to secure your order for that date.  The deposit is due after you have been contacted about the price and your order place.  Receiving a price and stating that you will pay it later does not hold your date.  We have several people competing for the same date. Please keep that in mind. The remaining balance for your order is due 7 days before the date of pick up.   If you are placing an order within 7 days of the pick up date, the whole balance is due at the time of order. 

Do you do tastings?

This is a HOME BASED BUSINESS, therefore Tastings and Samples are not avaiable.  Tastings are only reserved for Wedding Clients and have the wedding must be at least 2 - 3 months or more away.  Our schedule is usually booked up to 2 months in advance. 

Tastings are $30 for 2 flavors. If the order placed then a credit of $30.00 will be deducted from your bill. 

Suggestions for tastings: 


Once we expand we will offer tastings.  You may try to order cupcakes (at least 6 per flavor) or small cakes but those orders can only be filled if we are not already booked. 


When should I order my cake?

You should order your cake as soon as possible.  As soon as you plan an event that is usually the best time to order a cake.  We are a small business, therefore we can only handle a certain amount of orders per week before we are completely booked.  Placing an order the same week or days before your event may be impossible and  then again you might have some luck.  The best advice is to try to plan it early but if you cannot please email us to check our availability for the week.  Your order is only placed when the deposit is paid.  If you deposit is not paid the order is not placed and that date is open to anyone.  Please plan to pay your deposit when the the quote is received.  After the quote is received the if the deposit is not paid we will not be able to discuss anything else with that order, i.e (can you hold the date for a couple of days, can I pay my deposit in two days , etc) 

Do you deliver?


Delivery mostly applies to wedding cakes because they require set up.  Deliveries on other party cakes are only possible if the schedule permits.


Delivery prices:

Delivery starts at $40.00  for up to 20 miles.  Over 20 miles $5.00 per 5 miles

If delivery is requested please include the address in the order form in the details section