Valentine's Day Treat Box - 1 dz Strawberries

Valentine's Day Treat Box - 1 dz Strawberries


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How to Place an Order 

Here are the steps for placing an order

  1. All orders and inquirers require a Price Quote Form to be completed.  Quotes are not given over the phone, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Direct Message, or Text Message.    

  2. Before the form is completed, you may review the starting prices under the Price List Tab to get an idea of the price of items.  

  3. When completing the form please read and complete everything in its entirety.  This means making sure the contact information is correct; especially the email. The quote is sent to the email on the form.  If the email is correct you will receive a copy of the form you submitted. 

  4. Please fill out everything in great detail.  Some people just want a quote and feel they just need to attach a picture and that's it.   These are custom cakes so no cake is made the same way, which is why we have starting prices, not actual prices.  Prices differ from flavors to toppers, certain decorations, and colors like Metallic Gold, so details are VERY important. 

  5. Do not rush through the form, everything on the form is needed to provide an accurate quote and then will be used when completing your order. 

  6. Up to 3 pictures can be attached to the form 

  7. Lastly, please know it can take up to 3 days for a response to a quote.  You can reach out if you do not receive a response in that time frame.  This could mean the order did not come through or went to Spam. 

Things not to do that could delay or either cause your order not to be accepted.  

  1. Again,  Quotes are not given over the phone, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Direct Message, or Text Message.    I only go to one source to review and reply to requests for orders.  Facebook and Instagram are only to view photos of my work. Responses will not be given on any social media site.

  2. Don't focus on searching for cakes of a certain color or waste time asking if this color could be changed. These are custom cakes and they can be made the way your like.  Because I can only take a certain amount of orders a weekend my schedule fills up quickly.  This means you could be sending an email asking about a color change and I tell you yes, but then by the time you fill out the order form I could be booked because someone else filled out the form with everything which made it easy to send a quote and secure order.  To answer this question any cake color and style could be changed.  Focus on including everything on the price quote form and if it cannot be done I will let you know. 

  3. The same things stated in #2 also apply to asking if I can do this cake because you don't see it in my portfolio.   You may not see a cake in my portfolio because no one has ordered the cake before.  However, looking at my scope of work you could see I know I am able to do various things.  Again, let me tell you I can't do it by sending the form, instead of asking me can I do it and send you a picture.  There isn't much I can't do by being an artist but if I can't do it I will definitely let you know. 

  4. Do not send a picture of a cake and ask for a price.  As mentioned several times all cakes are custom.  Unlike a grocery store we have different flavors, sizes, filling, and I can customize cakes unlike grocery chains that have to follow the same design in a book.  No cake is ever the same price based off what your customatzion for your order.  Main thing to do is just fill out the form, bakers are able to determine the size based on the serving amount provided.  If getting multiple items please add the quantity of each item in the description. 

  5. Lastly, at this time last minute orders cannot be accepted at this time.  Due to Covid stores are not stocked and I will not go store to store and risk getting Covid myself.  Please keep that in mind when placing your order .  NO EXPECTIONS TO THIS POLICY! 

  6. Please adhere to the calling times, I work a full time job and attend several meetings so that is why I have set phone hours.  Remember if you have not completed a form, I will not discuss any pricing.  Everything you need to know is on this website and when you receive a quote. 

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