Shoe Cakes are cakes with an edible gumpaste shoe on top of them.  They are very popular for the woman that love to wear heels. Shoe cakes require some drying time therefore must be order at least 2 weeks in advance. The shoe accessory for the cake starts at $25 plus the amount of your cake.

Purse Cakes are cakes designed and shaped like designer purses and bags. Purse Cakes start at $160 for a minimum of 20 servings.   Purse Cakes are considered sculpted cakes priced at $8 per serving.  Purse Cakes have items that require some drying time.  Purse Cakes must be ordered at  least 10 days in advance.


Shopping bag cakes are desiged to resemble any woman's favorite place to to shop these bags start art at $5.00 per serviing for a minumum of 20 servings. 

The precious girl or woman in your life is not into makeup, shoes or bags... There are other options to give her a very special cake.  See the various girly cakes below.

Make Up and Jewelry Cakes are super girly and fabulous for the "Diva" in us all.  For the Make Up cakes two items are included with your cake price other items are an additional cost.  Make up cakes require a lot of fondant which inceases the cost of your cake.


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